Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fans DYB - Gerry K.'s Block

Here is Gerry K.'s block from the Fans DYB in CQI. She made the block and I got to embellish it. Lisa B. had previously stitched a block magnificently and I was under a considerable amount of pressure to keep up! I'm not sure I made it to Lisa's skills, but I did my best! I tried several new to me seam treatments that I will definitely be using again.

Recent Estate Sale Finds!

I recently came by some nice crocheted motifs, cut work, lace and a fantastic footstool; all which I can see making into some fabulous created items. I am not sure how I will use the crocheted items as they are larger than something I would put into a crazy quilt. They might be nice as a center of a white on white crazy quilt if I build up and embellish the flowers or as a similar project all unto itself. The cut work angels would be nice as a quilt border or I could use the angels individually. The lace will come in handy for just about anything. The footstool I have fantasies about covering with a wonderful forested crazy quilt with mushrooms and snails and who knows what else. Putting a CQ on the stool will pretty much ruin it for any real use, but it can sit around and look pretty. I got some other fantastic things too, but I am not going to keep them all to myself. I will put the rest into my Etsy shop - there are some fabulous lace scarves/shawls, a victorian nightgown, and two pairs of Victorian bloomers!

Monday, March 31, 2014

My sweet helper

Yesterday I spent part of the day sewing on my second Barbara Krenshaw Italian drawn thread work piece - an EGA (Embroiderer's Guild of America) correspondence course. I made a little spot for Oreo to lay - the table was completely covered with sewing goodies, and Oreo was content to lay on top of them all, but I wasn't happy with that situation.  (-; Oreo follows me around like a little dog when he's not napping.

The pin cushion is done by a friend, Bev, in Utah -- it was her very first crazy quilted project. I won it in a white elephant type game at the last CQI retreat. I really love it and the cat.

Friday, March 28, 2014

I am so blessed

I went kitchen table shopping with my grandgirls the other day and I happened to spy a 1970's style multi-drawered metal filing cabinet. Judging from the paperwork I found in it, it once belonged to an insurance company. So I asked the owner how much he wanted for it and he said $39 with a tone that said "Please take it away.".  (-; So I told him I'd take it not really sure where I was going to put it or what I was going to store in it. I knew my husband would just be delighted I was bringing home another storage cabinet - NOT! - so I didn't tell him. Ha ha. I had to wait to pick it up until the next day and I called him on the way home to ask him a question. His phone went dead and so he had to return my call to my cell and realized I wasn't home. So he asks where I was. I said "I don't want to tell you." He says "Yes you do." So I told him. He started to say we didn't need any more junk around the house, and I say "This is why I didn't want to tell you.", and he went silent.  (-; I did find a place to put it - in the loft where my computer and Etsy shop things are - and I decided to store shop items in it. My shop items are in disarray - small items on a shelf isn't the best use of space. But, they are wonderfully sorted and space efficient in my new cabinet. It is slightly ugly, but apparently I got a great deal on it. Beat up ones are selling for $150 online and nice ones for $325. I can always sell it when I no longer need it. What crafter doesn't need a great storage tool like this!! I kind of wanted to paint it a nice acqua green to go with the rest of my loft colors, but I can't see a good way to remove the label holders - which are fantastic for organizing by the way! I suppose I could paint them right along with the cabinet. It's not a bad color as far as metal cabinets go.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 61: My work on Lisa B.'s block

I am in a Round Robin in Crazy Quilting International (CQI) yahoo group with the theme of fans.  This is my work on Lisa B's blocks. She pieced her blocks in black and wanted them embellished in pink and green.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 59: Italian Drawn Thread Work

This is another piece I've been working to complete. This piece started as a class I took through my local Embroiderer's Guild (EGA). Barbara Kershaw designed it and taught it to us in person. Barbara was a lovely woman who inspired me to do not just this piece, but others that she designed. It was originally designed as a towel with the embroidered design and drawn thread work on only one end, but I decided to adapt it and make it into a small table cloth. So I changed the center embroidered design slightly and centered it and put the drawn thread work on both ends. I didn't finish the piece in class and when it came time to hem it, my first time, I procrastinated doing the job. Finally I took some time during daylight hours when I was fresh to read and re-read the instructions. I normally do my stitching in the evenings, but when I have to tackle something new I must do it during the day. I can't focus at night when I'm tired and my eyes and mind aren't cooperating any more. Sometimes you just have to read the instructions a few times and get the feel of it, and then just do it! I like how it turned out and enjoyed the process. Good thing, because I have a few more Barbara Kershaw projects to do.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 46 - Art Every Day

Sorry - I've been delinquent! I have done art every day except one, but I've have so many deadlines I've not posted.  Here's one thing I had a deadline to complete - piecing these crazy quilted fan blocks for a "Do your Block" (DYB) round robin in the Crazy Quilt International (CQI) yahoo group. I first planned the blocks, then decided to use a different color dark velvet for each fan handle and end.  I also decided to use a different wide vintage lace on each block at the end of the fan blades. Each blade fabric is different and a lighter version of the dark velvet. On one blade of each block I used a piece of fabric overlaid with lace or a sheer.See if you can find it.

This is a larger block and has a different shape than normally worked for a "Do Your Block" (DYB) in CQI.  Normally they are 6" square, but these are actually in the shape of a fan and the bladed part is about the size of a 6 x 6 give or take a bit. The girls will only embellish the blades and if I decide to use them together in a piece, I will do something common to each velvet part that will tie the blocks together.  I may use them as individual pieces and perhaps I'll add a handle.  Maybe I'll make them into individual fan wall hangings or a piece to sit in a frame of some sort on the piano.  (-;  I did take pictures along the way so I think I'll post the development of the blocks.