Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sashiko Husseif

On Stitchmap we recently had a challenge to make something with a Sashiko pattern on it.  Sashiko is a repetitive design originating in Japan.  Here is the site where I got the designs for my Hussif:  There is also information on how to stitch Sashiko patterns.  I chose different patterns for the front, back and spine.  Here are some pictures of my Hussif:

I originally designed it to have a lot more pages, but discovered it was too bulky so eliminated some.  I still made the pages so I guess it is time to make a cover for it and use it for special purposes.  The next picture is just a pocket for more supplies.  I got these pockets from my sister who thought I might be able to make something from them.  I think they originally contained underwear.  lol!

The middle picture is a couple of pages for beading supplies: nymo thread, beading needles, and beads. and the last picture is a pocket for tatting supplies containing some lovely shuttles that were custom made for me out of my own photographs.  (

Monday, February 4, 2013

Colleen's Snowball

This is the snowball I made for Colleen.  Snowball swapping is an on-going swap of friendship held at Crazy Quilting International yahoo group.  Colleen and I have both lost a child and so the angels are symbolic to our losses.  I hope you like it Colleen. (-;