Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Storage for lace

I got this hanging storage from Avon (actually for jewelry), but decided to store lace in it instead. I really like it because you can see all the lace you have in one glance. It also has pockets on the back. For light laces, I've put a black piece of fabric behind a layer of the lace so you can see what it looks like very easily. For dark laces you could do the same with a light piece of fabric.

Printing Old Postcards on Silk

I used Bubble Jet Set 2000 and Bubble Jet Rinse to copy the images of postcards onto silk. It calls for saturating the silk (cut into 8x11.5" square) in the Bubble Jet Set 2000 for 5 minutes. (Use rubber gloves). Then you allow fabric to dry. Iron it onto freezer paper (also cut to printer size). Then I just put the postcards into my printer and made a color copy. I also tried using cotton, but found my printer ate it up every time I tried to copy onto it. I rinsed it in COLD water and it stayed visible. Don't try to rinse in warm water (ask me how I know!).

Easter Egg Dye

I tryed dying silk and cotton lace and ribbon with Easter Egg Dye! I mixed the Easter Egg Dye with lemon juice. I bought some cheap cotton lace and left it in the dye for about 20 minutes. Initially the dye was quite bright, but when I rinsed it later in cold water it did fade some as seen on these pics.

Then I put the silk ribbon in. I used 2 different kinds of ribbon. The long one in the pic is YLI ribbon. The other ribbon (Pink) came out very wrinkled and never did really iron out straight. The dye is very evenly dispersed- not exactly what I wanted, but it is nice just the same.

Learning to Bead

I just watched a DVD by Mary Stori on teaching me to bead on fabric. This is the result of a little bit of practice on each technique.