Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My New Etsy Shop!

I have opened a new Etsy shop where I sell lace, trims, small hand dyed pieces of silk/rayon velvet, books, and sewing patterns. Eventually I will put on some vintage cards and such. I hope you will visit my shop and often! Here is the link:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bobbin Lace

I went to the Rocky Mountain Crazy Quilting Meeting today and tried Bobbin Lace making for the first time. Linda and Mary were great teachers, and although the lace I made is very rudimentary and humble, I had a wonderful time making it and look forward to trying more! There are 3 different "stitches" in my bookmark - I'm not sure they're called stitches. I ordered some beginning bobbin lace books tonight!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Janet's "For the Birds" Block

Here is the work I did on Janet's "For the Birds" block.

Stitchmap Pillow Swap

Here is my pillow I made for the Stitchmap Pillow Swap. The theme was summer!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It must be my birthday!

So after Shari and I raided the jewelry box, I went home and found a package from Eileen, , in my box. She sent me a cute little pillow she made to thank me for running the pillow swap -- I love it and have it hanging in my sewing room now. There is nothing like having things your friends made you surrounding you in your place of refuge. I look around and see love all around me. But there was something else in the package too! Her husband Frank made me a beautiful small chest out of wood. Frank recently retired and Eileene evidently found him something to do! Thanks so much Frank and Eileene. Feist your eyes on these lovelies.

Stitchmap Mod Swap - mine came!

Yesterday Shari came over to work on the pillow swap with me. We spent too much time (me showing her stuff) and got very little sewing in. Then she made me go shopping for jewelry pieces. grin. Ok - I took her to see a friend of mine who collects and sells jewelry pieces. At any rate, getting back to the story at hand, she brought me this wonderful crazy quilted bag she made for me in the Stitchmap Moderator Swap!!!!!! I am thrilled. It is an awesome bag - lined with a zipper and there are so many wonderful CQ motifs and stitching on it that it took a while to digest it all. Thanks Shari! I love it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Laurie's English Garden II block

This is the stitching I did on Laurie N.'s English Garden blocks.

Janet's "For the Birds" Group Block

This is the block that Lisa would have worked on if she hadn't had to drop out of the round robin. The rest of us, myself, Cathy K., Cathy L., and Nicki Lee worked together on this block.