Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pin Keeper Swap

I joined the pinkeeper swap on the Crazy Quilting International group and finished it today. I hope the person who receives it won't be put off by it's being so bright--not exactly traditional! Hopefully she can appreciate the bright colors which I am very fond of. I had a wonderful time making it and almost couldn't give it up. (-: This is the top:
And this is the bottom.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Painted Buttons

I spent some time this evening practicing painting buttons. Gerry K. was nice enough to teach us some techniques at the Crazy Retreat in Denver earlier this month, and I have tried a few ideas of my own. Thanks Gerry. My husband was looking at one of the roses and said "Well, I see a flag there....." This is one man that will never be crazy (shaking my head). Well, teacher, how did I do?

Estate Sale Find

Here's another thing I found today while cruising estate sales. It is a pin cushion. Of course, these cushions are just dying to be removed and replaced with something crazy!

Garage Sale

Look what I found at a garage sale! An unfinished crazy quilt done by the WI mother of the salesperson. An all the extra ties I wanted. Most of the quilt is made out of ties. That is my suave cat Oreo who had to start something. Soon all three cats were roaming around on it. Now to decide what to do with it. Add stitching? Back and bind? What?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sharon's block - Summer Flower Garden RR

Here is the work I did on Sharon's summer flower garden block. I added the hand dyed venice lace, the gathered lavender made of boullions, the feathered chain stitch, and the silk beaded flower.

Silk Flowers

Here is a great deal I got on some 1980's silk flower kits. I will not be making flowers in the traditional sense with them, but adorning my crazy quilt blocks with them. I bought an entire box from a gal who had been a craft store owner years ago and didn't realize quite what I had until later. Here are pictures of what the flowers look like and a picture of what I did with one of them. I can't wait to play with more of them!