Friday, September 26, 2008

Garage Sale

Look what I found at a garage sale! An unfinished crazy quilt done by the WI mother of the salesperson. An all the extra ties I wanted. Most of the quilt is made out of ties. That is my suave cat Oreo who had to start something. Soon all three cats were roaming around on it. Now to decide what to do with it. Add stitching? Back and bind? What?

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Eileene said...

Embelish like crazy!!!!! That tie quilt is really neat. I just get the "LOOK" from my hubby when I start to eyeball his tie racks. I figure he'll not miss one at a time if I'm real careful. Have fun.Could ya teach me how to paint buttons? Those are beautiful. I also bought a $10.00 box of buttons last week. Some really pretty ones.This lady must've saved buttons all her lift too. My daughter asked what I was gonna do with all those buttons? My answer was "crazy quilt till I'm blue". I love your buttons too. Eileene