Friday, December 27, 2013

Barb's block from Lace and Pearls Round Robin

Here is my embellishment of Barb's block for the Lace and Pearl's Round Robin in CQI.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hardanger scented sachet

I finally finished my Mother's birthday present.  I had the hardanger completed for some time, but had a hard time deciding how to finish it.  At least she'll get it before Christmas -- her birthday was in October.



I am working on learning to tat.  I'm feeling pretty good about it so far, but I need a lot more practice.  Here are some of the pieces I've done so far.I started out with a tatting size 20 thread for the white tree, used a size 8 pearl cotton for the darker green tree, then tried a size 80 tatting thread for the smallest tree.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lorraine's Give-away

My friend Lorraine is having a beautiful give-away of some of her exquisite hand dyed threads.  I have purchased threads from Lorraine and believe me; these are worth having.  Check it out.

 Along with her brilliant colored threads, she is giving away Rebecca's Sampler for you to stitch.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nakid blocks for the Lace and Pearls DYB

These babies are going out to be embellished today!  I hope to see them back in 5 months beautifully garnished!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sashiko Husseif

On Stitchmap we recently had a challenge to make something with a Sashiko pattern on it.  Sashiko is a repetitive design originating in Japan.  Here is the site where I got the designs for my Hussif:  There is also information on how to stitch Sashiko patterns.  I chose different patterns for the front, back and spine.  Here are some pictures of my Hussif:

I originally designed it to have a lot more pages, but discovered it was too bulky so eliminated some.  I still made the pages so I guess it is time to make a cover for it and use it for special purposes.  The next picture is just a pocket for more supplies.  I got these pockets from my sister who thought I might be able to make something from them.  I think they originally contained underwear.  lol!

The middle picture is a couple of pages for beading supplies: nymo thread, beading needles, and beads. and the last picture is a pocket for tatting supplies containing some lovely shuttles that were custom made for me out of my own photographs.  (

Monday, February 4, 2013

Colleen's Snowball

This is the snowball I made for Colleen.  Snowball swapping is an on-going swap of friendship held at Crazy Quilting International yahoo group.  Colleen and I have both lost a child and so the angels are symbolic to our losses.  I hope you like it Colleen. (-;

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snowball for Rita

Here is the snowball I made for Rita!  She wanted pink and green with dragonflies and/or roses.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Redwork Class

        I have belonged to a yahoo group named Stitchmap since its inception a several of years ago.  Since then I have taken and been a mentor of the Crazy Quilting, Color Theory, and Fabric Weaving classes.  Yesterday I finished my 4th class - Redwork Embroidery.  Now Stitchmap is a group that educates.  If you sign up for a class and are selected to take it, there is a specific amount of time in which you are expected to finish the class.  If you take a class, you don't get all the lessons up front, you get them one at a time, and if you finish a lesson satisfactorily, you are awarded the next lesson.  You are not expected to figure it out by yourself, but are assigned a mentor who gives you tips, encourages you, and answers your questions.  All this is done for free and through volunteers.  Some classes are required as prerequisites to other classes.  For example, you wouldn't expect to be able to take the class on crazy quilting if you knew nothing of color or embroidery, and even if you are the "cat's meow" in color or embroidery, you are expected to take the prerequisite to be on the same page as your apprentices.
   Now I admit, opinionated as I am, that I have had my own questions about the policies of owner of Stitchmap and friend of mine, Shari J., over the years. One example is that at the beginning I wished she would give me all the lessons at once.  She explained that I should work on one lesson at a time because she actually wants people to finish the class and accomplish the goal of Stitchmap -- to keep the needle arts alive.  I still wanted all the lessons up front, but pressed on with a lesson at a time.  I have taken other online classes.  I am involved in no fewer than 3 online classes that I paid good money for ... and haven't yet finished!  Yet, In just a short time I finished the Redwork class (results above).  Why? - expectations and if I didn't finish I'd have to wait for the next Redwork class that might be a year down the road.  I also would be ineligible to take the next new class offered until I finished the class.  I am an absolute junkie on new techniques and learning about stitching so that wouldn't do.  I am the kind of girl who likes to finish things and am pretty responsible as far as things go.  However, even though I am sure I will finish my other online classes some day, it may be in a few years rather than in a few weeks. (-;  I'm conceding that Shari J. just may have learned a few things about human nature in her lifetime. (-;  It turns out that mentors can be for other things than just stitching.
    Shari's other criteria for a class is that while you will learn the technique of the class; you will also finish a project.  The projects of the Redwork class were several weights and a bag to keep them in.  My granddaughters loved these little weights (and wanted them).  I will let them use them when I am teaching them to sew clothes in the upcoming months.  One of them aspires to design clothing and so the first step will be to teach her to sew clothing.  The little one would not be left out!  The weights will be used to hold down the patterns.  I am also going to try using the weights with a needlepoint project I have started in Embroidery Guild.  I so pleased to have these cute enviable little bags to play with.  I also realized that some of the finishing I dread is not worth dreading.  I couldn't believe how quickly I sewed up the drawstring bag, especially in comparison to the time I put into some of my stitching projects.  The little spice bags were my idea of how to use some of the remaining embroideries.  I will probably use those to hold buttons or charms for my project bags.
    Lastly, I thought I knew a thing or two about embroidery since I have been crazy quilting for several years.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned and how I have "tightened up" the quality of my stitching.
    I guess the moral of the story is -- never quit trying to learn new things and never discount what you could learn from someone else.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Ornament Exchange

In EGA (Embroiderer's Guild of America) last month they did an ornament exchange and I participated for the first time.  The crazy quilted ornament is the one I made and the beaded ornament is the one I received.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Victorian Ladies Round Robin - Hideko's block

I finished Hideko's block.  (-;  I embellished the silky with some black and silver lace and a little bow with a pearl.  I also put a flower on her hat.  The little silk ribbon stars on top of the black lace are from a book called Ribbon Stitches Embroidery by Yukiko Ogura. The flowers on the left are also inspired by this book.  I did a button cluster on the right.  One of the buttons is actually from the Victorian time frame (second from top).  I also added a couple of charms, a ribbon and some seam treatments.  It will soon be on its way to Gerry H.  Hope you like it Hideko!

Practice Hardanger

Ever since I saw Hardanger in person I have always wanted to learn how to do it.  I have a passion for lace and this type of stitching can be very lacy looking.  So, I purchased a beginner's book Called Basics and Beyond by Janice Love and started practicing.  The results are in the photo above.  Traditionally hardanger is done white on white, but Janice suggested to try different color fabrics and threads to get an idea for what I liked.  I then started one of her projects which I will blog about when it is finished.  However, Christmas came around and I really wanted to stitch on something Christmasy and one of my favorite stitchers designed some Hardanger ornaments and posted the patterns for them on her blog (  Anna Maria is crazy talented and these are the most beautiful Hardanger ornament patterns I have ever seen.  So, I started stitching the bell and just finished it.  Here it is!

I haven't taken down my tree yet so it will get a day or so to hang on my 2012 tree!  I just love it and hope to stitch all her patterns.  Thanks Manya for sharing your lovely patterns.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sampler pattern give away is offering the Blue Ribbon Sampler book above in a give-away.  (-;