Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lovely Lace!

I got some really lovely lace at this estate sale also. I was about 10 minutes late so wasn't expecting any to be left.

Part of a piece of tenerife lace

Petite Point in the center. Knit lace on the outside?

Sweet lace child's vest

So beautiful!


Matching Cuffs

Gorgeous insertion lace

1900 Sampler

This was another treasure I got at the estate sale this last week. It was made by a Mrs. Harvey Moore when she was a young girl in Holland and given as a gift to Mrs. Beachy in 1939. I bought it on 28 May 2015. So now it has a history. (-; The estate sale owners thought so little of it and sold it for only $1.00. I was glad to get such a good price, but I'm fairly sure it is worth a little more than that. To be fair, the people running the estate sale had much finer pieces to worry about than one piece of stitched linen. There was a full page spread on the estate sale in the paper and they said it took 1-1/2 weeks to catalogue and price everything and the list was 57 pages long!

It is a leftover piece of linen judging from the darned repairs in it. In it she has different kinds of pulled and drawn thread patterns, needle lace, and some embroidery stitches as well. I don't know if the pulled and drawn thread patterns have specific names so if anyone out there can tell me I'd be grateful. I see she has some kind of twisted feather stitch I don't remember seeing before, a buttonhole stitch, and a couple of herringbone stitches -- one which is very fine. There is also some kind of cross stitch. I don't know how old she was, but I think she did well. I wonder what else she made when she got older? I'm very happy to be the new owner. Maybe some day I can try some of these techniques.

Friday, May 29, 2015

I got really lucky - Estate Sale

I went to a really nice estate sale this week. The house went on and on and on with room after room filled with some very old and wonderful items. There was room after room of goodies upon goodies! Many of the wonderful items were WAY beyond my budget, but on other items they didn't seem to know what they had. One of my most exciting finds was a silkie of Betsy Ross making the first flag dated 1915. There is one selling on ebay now for $125, but this is going in my box of patriotic goodies destined for a patriotic crazy quilt one day. My price was $10. (-;
Then there was this helping hand or sewing bird which I've always admired when I saw them online, but didn't feel I could afford it. This was also $10. I found one almost like it online for $140 but it had a pin cushion. You pinch the tail and the mouth opens to grab onto something -- the third hand.
Another lovely item was this pin cushion. It was among a box of items that didn't have a price that he gave me for $30. I love the gold base.
Also among the un-priced items was this sweet half doll that is only 1-3/4 inch high! For those unfamiliar, a half doll is often made into a pin cushion. The pin cushion becomes the doll's skirt. The half dolls can be fairly expensive so finding this one just tossed in a box of doll accessories unnoticed among a rather large antique doll collection was really special.
To say I was a little excited about these lovelies is an understatement! I will put in a few more blogs on this estate sale. I spent more than I usually do -- just couldn't help myself. It is not every day that you find so many vintage sewing items at such a bargain. There were so many more dear items that commanded enormous prices that these beauties were practically overlooked as potential income -- at any other estate sale they would commanded a higher price.

My knitting is coming along

This is my first shawl. I'm pretty excited about it. It is made from Alpaca wool and is so soft! It's nice and big too. The yarn is green but has bits of orange and teal in it.