Friday, March 28, 2008

Crazy Quilt Bracelet

I saw these made at a craft fair and decided to make up my own pattern for a bracelet. Here's how it turned out. I tried layering laces, stitches and ribbon work more and couched some nice ribbon along the edges of the bracelet.

Healing Heart Block

This is the second crazy quilt item I've made. I made it for a gal who was going through a rough time. No new skills here - just added some beads and used a hanky piece as the center.

Crazy Quilt Needle Case

I am going to try and track my progress through learning to crazy quilt. This is my very first project, a needle case. I used a few laces, a few stitches, a few charms, and a single silk ribbon flower. This went to the hostess of a swap as a gift.