Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It must be my birthday!

So after Shari and I raided the jewelry box, I went home and found a package from Eileen, http://noiseynana.blogspot.com/ , in my box. She sent me a cute little pillow she made to thank me for running the pillow swap -- I love it and have it hanging in my sewing room now. There is nothing like having things your friends made you surrounding you in your place of refuge. I look around and see love all around me. But there was something else in the package too! Her husband Frank made me a beautiful small chest out of wood. Frank recently retired and Eileene evidently found him something to do! Thanks so much Frank and Eileene. Feist your eyes on these lovelies.

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Vicki said...

Ilove the chest. I must show my hubby as he has just made me a knitting jar using the same technique. Also, isn't the online sewing world so great? I love to put my pressies and swaps on my wall so I can look at them whilst I am working.