Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fans DYB - Gerry K.'s Block

Here is Gerry K.'s block from the Fans DYB in CQI. She made the block and I got to embellish it. Lisa B. had previously stitched a block magnificently and I was under a considerable amount of pressure to keep up! I'm not sure I made it to Lisa's skills, but I did my best! I tried several new to me seam treatments that I will definitely be using again.

Recent Estate Sale Finds!

I recently came by some nice crocheted motifs, cut work, lace and a fantastic footstool; all which I can see making into some fabulous created items. I am not sure how I will use the crocheted items as they are larger than something I would put into a crazy quilt. They might be nice as a center of a white on white crazy quilt if I build up and embellish the flowers or as a similar project all unto itself. The cut work angels would be nice as a quilt border or I could use the angels individually. The lace will come in handy for just about anything. The footstool I have fantasies about covering with a wonderful forested crazy quilt with mushrooms and snails and who knows what else. Putting a CQ on the stool will pretty much ruin it for any real use, but it can sit around and look pretty. I got some other fantastic things too, but I am not going to keep them all to myself. I will put the rest into my Etsy shop - there are some fabulous lace scarves/shawls, a victorian nightgown, and two pairs of Victorian bloomers!