Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The picture in the center is of the sample velvet pieces I got from . The pictures on the top and bottom are the velvet cuts I got from . On the top photo you can see the burn out on the black velvet, but actually all the fabrics on the left of that photo are burned out. The bottom photo is truer to the actual colors. Velvets from both places are scrumptious, but you get more choice and can get more from Thai silks although prices are steep for this fabric even at a bargain! The minimum yardage you can order is 1/2 yd except for sale fabric which is 1 yd. It'd be nice to get a group purchase together, but without the samples I wouldn't buy from this site because the pictures neither do the fabric justice or are true to colors. They also sell other yummy fabrics that I know nothing about!

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty fabrics, Connie. Are you making the block all velvet, or will you be mixing other things in?