Monday, January 19, 2009

Garden of the Gods Camera Shoot

This was the perfect week as far as I'm concerned. High levels of creativity and quilt stash building! This is a departure from my quilt life - although some day I may make silkies of my photos! I'm learning to take pictures with an SLR camera and am having some major learning curves! Last Thursday we (a real camera buff & I) went to Fountain Valley Nature Center and I got some training (got the pic of the cat (Oreo) warming up before the trip and the water in Fountain). Evidently I learned very little, because yesterday we went to the Garden of the Gods for a couple of hours to shoot and I got very few usable pics. Why? My camera had no card in it! Arghhhhh! Luckily, I brought my Canon digital (cause it has an awesome zoom and the lens on the SLR I am using is wide angle) and so still came home with some pics (the top two). I am planning a return trip to get some shots with the SLR though!

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