Monday, January 18, 2010

Valentine's Day tree

Yep, we did it. Faye suggested we convert our Christmas tree to a Valentine's Day tree. She had done it on a smaller tree in her craft/sewing room with lovely hand sewn ornaments (See it here: Well, I didn't have any lovely hand-stitched ornaments waiting in the wings for me to use, so we just made some hand-made ornaments out of foam hearts. It was fun and we like how it looks! Maybe next year I'll have some hand-sewn ornaments!


Ruby said...

Very cool! a tree for all seasons? Will we see shamrocks?? LOL

Sunela said...

Oh....I love this idea. Why didn't I think of it earlier. Our Christmas Tree is still up (lights and ornaments are out). My sons were supposed to take it apart last weekt he latest. However, it's not done so far.

Veleta (Sammy) said...

I love the idea of Valentine tree... now think of having a Easter tree.. oh we could go on and on, but what fun! can't you just see a red, white and blue tree!