Saturday, July 3, 2010

Trying my hand at ...

... Brazilian Embroidery. Deepa is helping me to learn Brazilian Embroidery! So far I'm really enjoying it. Here I have tried some leaves, the stem stitch and french knots. You can see Deepa's blog here: . She has worked up a lovely peacock that I hope to try one day.

I have tried Brazilian embroidery once before up in Denver as part of CQI's first retreat in 2008 but didn't get very far -- story of my life!

I have a limited color selection in rayon threads so I don't exactly have matching colors in my branches, but at least they are all green. (- ; However, I was at an estate sale recently and found a plastic container full of Edmar threads - God is good! I've been working on bullions today -- my worst subject so I'll be needing a lot of practice.


Juli said...

That turned out quite nicely! I'm also learning to do's quite the adventure.

Laurie said...

Lovely! You're doing well. I love your new header!!