Friday, August 13, 2010

Estate Sale Finds - Lace

Aren't these little pieces of lace and silver buttons pretty? I just love them. I can just see the one in the center used around a silkie. The silver buttons have little rhinestones in them - well, at least some of them do! I like the spiral design on the narrow lace trim and the other trim is so unusual.


Ruby said...

They look old (vintage). The center one resembles batten-burg in some ways. Nice find!

shirley said...

i just love old lace and stuff other people's rejected treasures are always a wonderful find.

Anonymous said...

Those are so lovely! I hope you post pictures of how you use your wonderful new but old treasures;)

Ann Flowers

FredaB said...

Very nice find. The lace in the middle is very pretty. I had a piece similar that I hated to cut up but I did and used it at the top curve of a fan. Just an idea.



Cathy K said...

Wow, Connie, you scored on this find! I love that lacy bookmark. Or whatever it is. Beautiful! Hey, thanks for posting a link to our CQI giveaway. See you in about a month!! Hugs, Cathy