Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Inktense Pencils

I got a pack of Inktense pencils for Christmas and decided to try them out. All it requires is the pencils, some fabric to paint on and some textile medium. I used a paper backed black and white silkie for the fabric and Golden textile medium as the medium This is a liquid that you can use in one of three ways. You can wet the fabric first (didn't work so hot for me), use on a brush after you've colored the item (works good), or dip your pencil into it (worked the best for the detail work I was doing. The biggest problem I ran into was the colors spreading outside the lines I was working within. The pencil basically turns into a paint when wet with the medium. The colors are really vibrant and when you use a brush to paint the golden over the colored area, the colors will blend a bit if you brush from one color to another.

I found a couple of websites that illustrated how to use them: , and, and were ones I looked at.