Sunday, January 2, 2011

English Garden Round Robin Blocks

These are my blocks for the CQI English Garden Round Robin. We are still waiting for one more person to sign up, but I am a little paranoid about all the commitments I've made for this year already and am not letting any grass grow under my feet!


Ruby said...

Love these ladies. Great blocks

FredaB said...

hi Connie

I love your blocks and the old English girls you have used.

You said they need one more person. How do I go about finding out info on it.



Debbie said...

Love the center ladies and the nice soft colors. These will be gorgeous when finished, I"m sure...Debbie (Maine)

Nicki Lee said...

Came here looking for your bird blocks but what do I find? These gorgeous Garden ones - they are stunning!!! Beautiful job putting them together.

Laurie said...

Oh those colors are heavenly!!