Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stitchmap Challenge Teaser

This is a picture of a small bit of an "item" I stitched as part of a challenge by Shari. She gave me a lovely applique with the condition I use it to stitch something for a fellow stitcher, whose identity is for now a secret. This is just a teaser picture of how I used the applique. I will be sending the "item" off to it's recipient some time next week. Hope she likes it! Stay tuned for a future post when I will reveal the "item" in full and the recipient!


Anonymous said...

Looking gorgeous, the colors you did show blend well. Cant wait to see the whole thing once your partner gets it.

So much fun!!!

Ann Flowers

Pollydo2003 said...

Love it Connie, the colours are just me, can't wait to see the whole thing and who your secret partner was. Arlene

Cathy K said...

It sure looks lovely! And peacock-y. Lucky recipient! Happy Mothers Day (and I owe you an email and picture, which I will get to after Mothers Day!) Hugs, Cathy