Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lace Laziness

So today I spent a good part of the afternoon ironing lace. I bought a good chunk of lace from a lady in Denver's estate sale. She made wedding dresses in her lifetime and I was lucky enough to be the first to stumble upon her huge stock of silk and satin and lace. As soon as I got it home I hand washed it, but then came the tedious job of ironing. I procrastinated doing this for several months. Today I don't know why I waited. You can see how this piece started out being a lump of lace and ended out being a lovely piece of lace. It was like opening a present each time I ironed a different piece!


Suztats said...

A luckt find, Connie. Is it all ironed now?

Karen said...

OMG! A treasure trove indeed! how fun! I love it when things like that happen. Now aren't you glad you got it all ironed?
Thanks for sharing.