Friday, September 28, 2012

Horn Book

This is a horn book project I finished this week.  I started it last year as part of an Embroiderer's Guild project.  It was sitting in a project pile for months with most of the stitching done.  I guess the finishing intimidated me a bit, but once I got started, it was pretty easy.  It is based on horn books that were used in centuries past.  They were used as a children's primer and usually contained the alphabet and possibly the Lord's Prayer.  I found the site here where the designer offers this project to groups:  If you google horn books and look at the images, you will see all sorts of interesting horn books.  Mine is used to hold skeins of floss for a project.


Laurie said...

Cute -- handy, too!

Laurie said...

Cute -- and handy, too!