Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 59: Italian Drawn Thread Work

This is another piece I've been working to complete. This piece started as a class I took through my local Embroiderer's Guild (EGA). Barbara Kershaw designed it and taught it to us in person. Barbara was a lovely woman who inspired me to do not just this piece, but others that she designed. It was originally designed as a towel with the embroidered design and drawn thread work on only one end, but I decided to adapt it and make it into a small table cloth. So I changed the center embroidered design slightly and centered it and put the drawn thread work on both ends. I didn't finish the piece in class and when it came time to hem it, my first time, I procrastinated doing the job. Finally I took some time during daylight hours when I was fresh to read and re-read the instructions. I normally do my stitching in the evenings, but when I have to tackle something new I must do it during the day. I can't focus at night when I'm tired and my eyes and mind aren't cooperating any more. Sometimes you just have to read the instructions a few times and get the feel of it, and then just do it! I like how it turned out and enjoyed the process. Good thing, because I have a few more Barbara Kershaw projects to do.


Suztats said...

It looks beautiful! Drawn Threadwork is one thing I want to learn..

crzqltr said...

Beautiful work. I've done some drawn threadwork but nothing as complicated as this.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Another gorgeous piece. I have yet to try drawn thread work, but it is on my bucket list.