Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sumptuous Starts - Skye's work on my block!

This is the work done on my block by Skye in the Sumptuous Start Round Robin for CQI Novice group! She has really done a great job keeping to my Rocky Mountain theme and I really appreciate that. Look at the blackeyed susans, pine cones, and lupines! She has also added a little trout and and elk button! I'm thrilled with her work!


Ruby said...

Connie, that block is just gorgeous! Great work that Skye stitched. What's next for the block?

Ruby from CQnewbies

Ann Flowers said...

Skye did do a fantastic job. I love her flowers. I can not wait till it is my turn. i am hoping there will some room left :):):):)

BTW: you picked gorgeous colors for your block, very appealing tot he eye, those colors just beg to be worked on!

Laurie said...

Gorgeous! That sounds like such a fun group!