Saturday, August 8, 2009

Great View

this is the view out the deck of my Mom's house whom I visited recently. This is the mighty Mississippi river. Actually the main part of the river is just past the farthest greenery which is an island. We saw dear and heron on the island while we were there, but have also seen eagles, geese, cranes and other wildlife in the past. The picture is deceptive because there is really a large hill down to the river. It is seriously over grown now -- they used to cut out a trail to the river and mow the flat base at the bottom of the hill, but it is quite a chore!

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JeanneZ said...

I love this last picture. To me this looks like it could become a fantasy landscape with little faries etc. dancing around. With a unicorn off in the distance by the water. Looks like you had a great vacation.