Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Techniques learned

I took two Jay Rich classes. One was to teach making textured silks and the other was stitched resist dying. I feel I have enough knowledge to be dangerous and am starting to make monthly orders of silk velvet, silk charmeuse, dyes, and chemicals for another week or two of experimenting in dying and texturing! I also took MaryAnne Griffin's Beyond the Seams class and learned many, many fun techniques! I wanted to try them all and so quickly went to each station to get that lesson under my belt. It was a relief to go to Jay's class the next day and play with the castrator and marbles to dye my silk charmeuse!No - I loved her class! We put pictures on polymer and mica, played with shiva sticks, embossed velvet, textured fabric, and played with angelica fibers. I love learning new techniques and so all my classes were technique classes. Loved them all and can't wait to experiment some more!


Skye said...

Wow! Wow!Wow! It sure looks like you have learned alot..I'm so envious my friend..But hey, I get to pick your brains don't I??? hugs,Skye

Robin in Short Pump said...

The castrator?