Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blackwork Pin Cushion

I made this for a class that our local EGA did on biscornus. I was very excited to make my first one, but when I went to sew it together I didn't have my entire focus on the project and forgot to rotate the top so I could stitch it together as a biscornu. Oh well - it still looks pretty and I'm working on another one to try the biscornu. (-; Oh - I made a mistake to keep me humble -- I bet you can't find it!


Kathy said...

Oh my, that is a gorgeous cushion. I love the color and the design is so delicate. beautiful work.

Robin in Short Pump said...

Biscornu, what? Connie, are you going to make me dig out my dictionary? Please define.

It's very pretty by the way. Is there a quilt design in there?