Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dying to Dye!

I had the best time dying fabrics all day yesterday with my friend Shari. I enjoyed it so much that it inspired me to do some more today! Here are some of my results from yesterday. The first group were done on silk organza and chiffon with shiva sticks and dye. The last two were done on silk velvet and silk charmeuse using techniques I learned in Jay Rich's class at the Omaha retreat last year.


Karen said...

I really love what you did!! Your spider web looking one is super!! Would love to know how you came up with the flower ones. They are great!! Hugs, Karen

Faye said...

Great work on the dying days, Connie... I would love to know how you got the spider-web effect, it's great...
cheers - Faye

Thelma said...

Awesome dyeing Connie! As you can tell I'm finally getting a chance to get caught up on my blogs I follow. lol
I've been thinking about this castration dyeing,,you've been using material other than cotton, wonder if you could get the same effect on those fabrics as I done with my circle explosions using rubber bands and rocks?
I have some velvet in there I should give it a try. LOL!

Love that spider web!