Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buttons, buttons...who's got the buttons.

Because I am a tease, I've decided not to put up the picture of my newly cleaned sewing room today! Bad me! However, I am going to show you something fun that i decided to do with my buttons while sorting things out. (Course fun is relative -- I'm pretty sure my family wouldn't think this was too fun LOL!) I had my favorite buttons, sorted by color, in a metal cabinet with many little plastic drawers like the kind you see in a garage to hold screws and nails. I also have a round cheese box for the buttons that are overflow. I like the cabinet for storage, but thought it was getting a little bit too full. So, I had purchase some spice containers at a garage sale (for $5) with the intention of storing my favorite of the favorite buttons in them, but never got around to doing it. The spice containers ended up in my Red Cross donation box, but after a couple of days I pulled it back out (you are never supposed to do this!) and decided to fill it after all. Because I love being able to see my embellishments in all their glory (it motivates me and makes me "pretty happy" as I love all things pretty), it works for me. Here are my buttons and storage methods in all their pretty colors.

The not so favorite and favorites.

The favorites of the favorites and my button color wheel!

Here's a couple webpages of spice containers that might work in your sewing room, but after looking at these prices, garage sales and thrift shops may be the way to go! and I'm sure there are many more out there. I like the pricey clear stacking acrylic ones, but probably more practical are the shelves you can mount on the wall or the ones that fit into drawers, the best choice depending on where you have more space available. (-;


Kathy said...

Your buttins are awesome in the spice jars. I love the color. And I am sure it looks that colorful on display in your craft room. That is a really neat idea. I have three or four coffee cans of buttons (many are antiques that belonged to my Great Aunt) that I really should do domething like that with. Especially since if I need a specific color or type I end up dumping the entire can to find it. :)

Laurie said...

Yes, seeing them in those sparkly jars really does inspire, doesn't it? I'm looking forward to your craft room makeover...maybe that will inspire me,, who has a craft room but crafts at her dining room table!