Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break Vacation - Great Sand Dunes National Park, La Veta

Left is the valley in La Veta and on the right are the Sand Dunes.
We took a short vacation for spring break last week and are back! It was a great vacation! We drove through south Colorado into Utah and then circled back towards the north on the way back. The first stop was, quite by accident (a sad pun), was in La Veta, CO. There was a fatal accident on La Veta Pass which was closed for 2-3 hours as a result, and so we drove into La Veta to spend the time. Strangely enough, La Veta is where Judyth Baker Montano has her studio so we drove by. I didn't stop - didn't want to disturb her. We drove on to Cuchara, just short of the pass, which was a pretty mountain valley. Our second stop of the day was Great Sand Dunes Nat'l Park which is a HUGE sand dune. My daughter climbed to the top -- my dH and I got about 3/4 of the way up before she met us on the way down and we gladly turned around. For the rest of the trip whenever we hiked up hill or through sand we'd moan "...the sand dunes".

Left: These are the Sand Dunes with a gorgeous mountainous background.

Above is my dH climbing up -- my daughter is the little dot up ahead.

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Robin in Short Pump said...

La Veta is also home to Ricky Tims's Tim's Art Studio. You didn't stop in? Did you see it?