Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Berger Specialty Beads - Trim Expo in LA

I hooked up with Ingrid in LA and we hit the fashion district in LA. We had a great time shopping together and ate lunch at a little Iranian diner. It was nice to have someone who knew the area show me around. I didn't bring a camera, but did take some pictures with Ingrid's camera so you will have to see if she blogs about them. We spent WAY too much time in Berger Beads, but it was definitely worth it. The bottom picture shows what I got there with the exception of the lace which I got from another store. We also went to Bohemian Crystal and Trim Expo, but I'd pretty much spent my limit and wanted to save some for San Francisco. I did get some trims at Trim Expo (top photo).

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Laurie said...

Oh that lace especially is just yummy!