Monday, June 21, 2010

Britex Fabrics in San Francisco

While in San Francisco I walked down the street from our hotel in Union Square to shop at Britex Fabrics. There are four floors to this wonderful store, but my favorite was the 3rd floor where there were yards and yards of vintage and new lace, ribbon of all kinds, and buttons galore! Do you think I had fun shopping? (-; They also had fancy fabrics on the first floor, decorator fabrics on the second floor, and remnants on the 4th floor. I bought a few remnants, but not many. I found some Hannah silk that matched a few of my planned projects, some ribbons, and a small piece of vintage lace with a fisherman on it. My Dad was a fisherman and he taught me to fish, so I plan to put this on my memory quilt in his section.


shirley said...

Oh Connie, your story of your trip to Britex made me feel so sorry for you..what an awful place to must have taken a real effort to even walk in the door!!! LOL

Ha Ha....I am green with envy because we dont have anything anywhere like that round here..I doubt if they even have a shop like that in any of the capital cities in Australia.

I think if I, (someone who doesn't even own a credit card) saw all that, and could not buy everything I liked my poor heart would not have stood the strain.

Hope you bought up big to make up for it.


Rose Anne B said...

WOW WOW WOW I love your pics and glad you got to shop especially at Britex!!! Lucky girl!

CarolynPhi said...

Some of those trims you bought at the L.A. Fabric District look familiar...LOL!! Don't you love Berger Specialties? Nicki and I spent a long time in there. I also loved Michael Levine, but wasn't able to go there on our last trip to the Dist., as we'd already spent all our time (and $$$) in other stores. Your trip was a huge success!!

Anonymous said...

We take a trip every year to San Fransisco for a convention. I always get to go to Britex to browse. third floor is to die for. So many goodies. My husband saved before the trip and gave me $20 to spend there last year. I was able to dig and find some great clearance items and I splurged on one yard of a couple of the silk ribbons. FABULOUS PLACE!!!!!

Heading off to read your others posts to see where you went so I can write them down;)

Ann Flowers

Laurie said...

Ooh, a memory quilt! What a great idea!