Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Ribbonerie - San Francisco

The Ribonerie was a lovely ribbon store on 3695 Sacramento Street in San Francisco. The girls who worked here were the nicest of all the stores I went to and their ribbons were to die for. YUM! Best of all were the basket of 3-4 inch remnant pieces for 5 cents and the large trunk full of remnant ribbons for anywhere from 10 cents to a dollar. Of course you could buy anything you wanted by the yard - Mikuba was high on my list along with some vintage pieces. She had lovely stamens that I had to pass up. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of this store and put the ribbons away thinking I'd already taken a picture, but this store's worth the trip and we found parking right across the street. This is saying something since parking is a bit of a premium in San Francisco.

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Deepa said...

Love all your new stash!!and the ribbons too..though I can only imagine what they are like. Lucky girl! :)