Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 10: Art Every Day - Learning the Austrian Block Stitch

So I learned how to cast off and saved my little garter stitch sample for posterity.  Here's the link for casting off:

Now I have decided to try a few of the patterns (well at least one) of the stitchesthat Craftsy gave me to stitch the socks with.  Today I tried the Austrian Block Pattern.  To do it I needed to learn several little stitches: K1-tbl (knit one through the back loop, RT (right twist), LT (left twist).  I found youtube videos to learn them.  Here's my sample so far although if you ask me it doesn't look like much! My light was poor - believe it or not, this is the same yarn I've been working with. Maybe I'll get a better picture tomorrow.

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