Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 9 - Art Every Day - Learning Continental Style Knitting

I started to knit my gauge swatch in the round (never done that before) and realized I needed to practice knitting continental style knitting first. When I first knit as a 20-yr-old or so I used the English method and I want to switch.

When I was try to stitch my gauge swatch, I was using aluminum needles to stitch in the round and my stitches kept falling off. When I decided I needed to practice the continental method on the flat I switched to bamboo and I don't have that problem too much now. Casting on and the knit stitches were easy for me to do in continental style knitting, but when I started stitching the purls I felt like I was stitching with my feet. After stitching this many rows I have developed a style and rhythm, but I still am quite slow with the purls. I started with 50 stitches on my needle and kept picking up stitches so I realize I have to count every time after I do a row. I also dropped a stitch.  I can now recognize a knit stitch verses a purl stitch. I am under no delusions.  Learning to knit a sock is going to take a while.  (-;

By the way, I didn't pull out all this knitting terminology out of my extensive brain matter (ha ha). I learned it in my Craftsy class and through various on-line resources. Although the continental style was demonstrated in the Craftsy class it was not taught so I used these You Tube videos to learn:

Continental Style vs English Style:
Casting on Continental Style:
How to knit Continental Style:
How to purl Continental Syle:

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