Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 12- Art Every Day - Tatted Angel

Day 12:  You may have wondered what happened to my tatted angel.  Well, I have made some progress on her, but accidentally closed a ring that needed to be joined to a picot on another ring so I had to try to open the ring again, which is NOT very easy on size 80 thread. I ended up having to cut it out and re-join the thread at one of the chains.  I made another mistake and couldn't bear to work on her for a while because my frustration level was elevated (lol!). So I put her down and here she lies. Now I am reinforcing to myself what I have found to be true for me.  ALWAYS try a new pattern in a size 20 thread, then move to a size 80 thread. Size 20 thread is greater in girth than the size 80 and is much easier to pick out when a mistake is made. I don't think it is as delicate and pretty as the size 80 is so I try and cut corners by not practicing the pattern first.  I'm just not that good yet.  Maybe some day I will be, but that day hasn't yet arrived.
So now at the bottom you can see where I didn't join the picots of the last chains of her skirt together on the left. By the time I noticed it was way too late to cut and correct in my opinion! It doesn't much matter to me any way because I will probably stitch her down to fabric and can join the two picots then.

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